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Birds of the Air

As the seasons change and pass through, so do the trials of  your life. This too shall pass.
As the seasons change and pass through, so do the trials of your life. This too shall pass.
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There are times when some of us may feel beaten down by adversity, whether brought about by life or work change, or brought on by natural disasters. And, even though help does eventually arrive, we may find ourselves experiencing entirely too much time during which we feel ourselves losing faith, and hope, and experiencing despair despite our best efforts to bear up. We all have our own way of dealing with tough times; some of us may struggle to keep going, while others may be able to rise to the challenge. But no matter the situation, sometimes, if adversity goes on long enough, even the staunchest of us needs tangible encouragement, or at the very least, someone to listen to us who has experienced adversity as well.

Many of us are lucky enough to have friends or relatives to turn to during tough times who will help us bear up and encourage us through to the other side of things. For those who don’t, or who need more widespread assistance, there are wonderful organizations that exist in the world that were created just for those times. They can offer physical, mental and emotional assistance, all three of which can be a part of helping someone back onto their feet. But the most important thing of all that can help anyone get through is to be reminded that things do pass, and what seems impossible now can and will turn into just the opposite later.

As we look around us now at the very early beginnings of spring in the northern hemisphere, we see new life beginning to thrive again after a long harsh winter. The birds of the air are beginning to pair off to mate and lay eggs. The grass is once again appearing as the snow melts and evaporates, and in a few weeks the crocuses will appear followed by hyacinths and daffodils pushing themselves out of the ground. What was under the dark cover of winter is beginning to emerge into the light of spring. To paraphrase the Christian bible, the birds of the air and the flowers in the field neither sow nor reap, but, somehow, they are taken care of nonetheless. Look up into the kind eyes of spring, as she will renew your spirit, your faith, and your hope.

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