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Birds of a feather: The cast of Seattle Seahawks prove teamwork pays off

The Seattle Seahawks are officially winners of Super Bowl XLVIII. Thanks to an outstanding defense and Denver’s elite quarterback formally known as Peyton Manning; the Seahawks surpassed everyone’s wildest dreams to dominate the Broncos 43-8. Maybe Richard Sherman was on a Legion of Boom high, maybe Pete Carroll had an extra piece of Bubbleyum; either way, all things went the way of the Seahawks last night.

Pete Carroll celebrates the big win
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Football fans all over the world have their different opinions on what happened to the number one offense in the NFL led by a future Hall of Famer; however one thing remains the same across the board…The Seattle Seahawks were clearly underestimated.

The word “formula” is often used to describe Pete Carroll’s, almost psychological, game time strategy; and learning more about Carroll’s coaching tactics, “formula” could not be a more apt word. Carroll teaches him team not just how to score and block, but how important each and every mistake is; no matter how “small” it may be. In the first 12 seconds of the game Bronco's center Manny Ramirez snapped the ball so far over Manning’s head, it forced a safety. Now, was it game over 12 seconds into the first quarter? No; but the mental effects of a mistake like that can get in to the players’ heads; and stay there. Pete Carroll knows this; which is why he spends Thursday’s concentrating on instilling the value of turnovers and how they can greatly affect the outcome of the game.

Not only was Carroll’s coaching a catalyst to the now reining Super Bowl Champions; there was a synchronicity unlike anything ever seen within the entire Seahawks team. Every individual player seemed as though they weren't Marshawn, Russell, Golden or Sherman; they played like they were the Seattle Seahawks. Most of the credit does go to the LOB defense that came out with a vengeance. Teamwork, passion and the mental sharpness of the coaches and players; led the Seahawks to become the NFL’s Cinderella story.

“We had a special kind of return, kind of like we hadn’t put on film all year, and those guys told me I was going to score. Those guys believed I was going to get into the end zone” ( says Percy Harvin about the decision to use him for the kickoff to start the second half; resulting in an 87 yard touchdown return.

The power of playing as a team was clearly defined during Super Bowl 48 by the Seattle Seahawks. There is no “I” in team…but there definitely is one in “ring”. Congratulations to the Seahawks and Pete Carroll.

Katie Thulin

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