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Birds are out in full

Winter is finally gone in Fort Worth and the cold days are over, Spring has been replaced by the Summer Sun and it is in its' complete brightness state...and hot!!... and the birds are out in full and with great splendor in our backyard.

Our rear deck in our backyard overlooks a nice forestry, green belt with a huge cedar elm tree that partially overhangs our deck but still allows full sun in the morning hours to filter through the branches. The sun filters through the leaves and shines on a new seed feeder for birds that my wife recently installed this Spring. One of those pole-type that are supposed to be squirrel-proof (or so the store packaging display said!) to protect the bird seed from unwanted visitors who consume more than their share.

What a delight recently when I returned from a business day road trip! I was enjoying a morning cup of coffee on our backyard deck when I began to hear the chirps of the chickadees, the songs of the male and female red birds and the squirrely chatter and looked up from reading my message of the day to the vision of the birds seed feeder in the sun in use by them all.... except Orkey who watched from an unknown spot in the woods beyond the tree. (Be sure and read my wife's article on Orkey and his gang on this site).

I put my book down, sipped my coffee with amaretto creamer... ahhh... and continued to watch the variety of birds with their winged sweetness for several minutes as they took turns flying to and fro from their pecking perches on the wire of the sun seed feeder.

The Good Lord has blessed us with this house, this backyard deck, the old cedar elm, and the variety of His creatures we observe from our deck. He truly works wonders!

Feed the birds seed!

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