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Birds are on the move

Kettle of hawks soaring over during migration.
Kettle of hawks soaring over during migration.

For many birds nesting season is over and migration has begun.

Shore birds are leaving their Arctic nesting grounds heading to Central and South America. On this journey they will begin staging at various sites to replenish their energy for the formidable trip ahead. Often adult shore birds leave before juveniles allowing the younger avian to become stronger and more developed before starting out.

Hawks are beginning to follow their flyways south. Various hawk watches are set up in the area. Monitors are positioned at these sites to report the specie and number of birds of prey that fly over. Hundreds are sometimes seen in a day.

Humming bird feeders are busy with these jewels of the air. They are striving to fatten up to see them through to their wintering grounds. Now is the time to put out feeders.

Large groups of cattle egret are visiting local fields. They will continue to build up in number. Their migratory departure is synchronized so that one day they will be here and the next day gone.

Purple martins are forming large pre migratory communal roosts. Sometimes these roost sites contain thousands of birds. (see related video)

Chimney swifts find local chimneys a good place to congregate while migrating.


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