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Birdcage Theatre employee shot and killed in argument on Tombstone street

One of the most haunted places in the world has lost one of its beloved employees this week. Lighting Leroy worked at the Birdcage Theatre for nearly two decades. He was shot and killed in the street yesterday afternoon the Arizona Daily Star reported today.

LeRoy Colomy was shot and killed near the Birdcage Theatre where he worked at
Photos courtesy of Paranormal Playground via Chance Houston

Leroy Colomy was the manager of the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona. The 74-year-old was featured on "Ghost Adventures" in 2009 when Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures Crew conducted a paranormal investigation of the location.

According to a spokesman from the Cochise County Sheriff Department, Colomy was confronted by Barry Chappell just after 1 pm yesterday. The two men had an argument outside on Safford Street. Chappell pulled out a hand gun and allegedly shot Colomy. Colomy was shot multiple times and died in the street.

Chappell eventually went into a business on Allen Street and informed the clerk on duty that he had just shot someone and to call the police. The clerk called 911 and Chappell was arrested by the Tombstone Marshall outside on Allen Street in front of the Birdcage Theatre.

"Everybody in Tombstone loved him. Never heard anything bad said about him. They might say something bad about other people but I never heard anything bad said about Leroy. He was just a likable person," Birdcage owner William Hunley said.

It is uncertain what the two men were arguing about. Colomy wasn't the type to have enemies. Everyone in the tourist town loved him and he was considered a friend to everyone in town.

"I don't know where to start about Leroy. He was the type of person you couldn't help but like. He had a great personality, always joking around and picking on me and everyone else. I learned a lot of the history of not only the Birdcage but of Tombstone from Leroy. I could sit and talk to him for hours. He even use to take me to feed the horses, to help me get over my fear of them. I think that is my best memory of him. I love horses but had a bad accident that caused me to not ride anymore, but now you can't get me off a horse and I have him to thank for that. There is so many memories that I will cherish. Working at the Bird Cage was the best job I ever had," former Birdcage Theatre tour guide Jamie Menshouse said.

Chappell is currently in the Cochise County Jail with charges of first degree murder. Colomy's friends and family have not yet announced funeral services.

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