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Bird skull in spinach: Bird's skull found in frozen supermarket spinach

A bird skull in spinach is the last thing anyone expects to find in produce. But one Florida woman found a bird's skull in some frozen spinach at a Publix supermarket store in Sarasota on New Year's Day. She didn't get the bird flu, as some quipped. Instead, for the shocking discovery, management offered her a full refund, some $1.79, according to a Jan. 9 MySunCoast news post.

Bird skull found in frozen spinach

The bird skull found in spinach is still a mystery on how it landed inside the package of frozen veggies. Madeline Brogan, who made the startling find, explained it this way on her Facebook page.

I found a bird skull in a bag of frozen chopped spinach from Publix. Yes, a skull... With one eye, which means the other one was eaten (insert Birdseye brand joke here). I called the store and spoke to the manager. He offered me a refund... Just what I wanted; $1.79 and bird flu. — feeling disgusted."

Months ago, there was a story about spiders in grapes. And now, a bird skull in spinach is enough to make one say, "enough already."

Brogan explained that she was preparing some bite-sized appetizers for a New Year's Eve party she was hosting when she thought the big chunk left over from microwaving the spinach was a stem or still-frozen spinach. At the time, she didn't think anything about it. In fact, she set the chunk aside.

Lo and behold, the next day she realized the big lug of stuff left behind was not a stem, nor was it leftover spinach still clumped together. It was a bird's skull inside the spinach that she microwaved the night before.

Yuck, right? Right.

I picked it up and started pulling the spinach off it and realized there were two eyeholes, and it was a little skull. I ate that eye, or someone did,” Brogan added.

Yuck, again.

Brogan took the bird's skull to the Publix store where she made the purchase, located where Honore Avenue and Fruitville Road meet.

After finding a bird skull in spinach, one would think management would roll out the red carpet for the woman. However, she only got a whopping $1.79.

To the store's credit, they are conducting a full investigation to learn how the skull of a bird made its way into a package of frozen spinach.

We did receive communication from the customer through our customer care department, which was shared with our corporate quality assurance team. They are working through the details with the customer and the supplier. We have not received any additional complaints and believe this is an isolated incident," the store said in a statement to media sources.

Hopefully, this is an isolated matter and complete accident. However, if it makes you wary about the safety of the food supply, let this be a lesson when shopping: Thoroughly inspect your food before consuming.

The bird skull in spinach story is developing.


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