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Bird skull found in spinach reports woman: Worries she or guests ate eyeballs

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A woman claims she found a bird skull in the spinach she had served to her guests at a New Year Eve’s party. Madeline Brogan was preparing appetizers when she found a hard piece in the spinach, thinking it was a stem she threw it in the sink, according to Fox News on Jan. 9.

The next day the Florida woman looked at the piece and pulled the remaining spinach from around the hard object and she saw two eye sockets. It was a bird’s skull that was in the bag of spinach.

Brogan was concerned that the eyeballs of the bird might have been in the spinach she ate, as did her guests. She said “I ate that eye or someone did.”

She had purchased the frozen bag of spinach at Publix and she made them aware of her finding. Publix said it was investigating this case and their customer care department is all over it.

The department is “working through the details with the customer and supplier.” This was the first and only complaint of this type that the company received about the spinach, so they believe it is an isolated incidence.

Brogan, who claims she is not mad, she just wants to know where the rest of the bird is. She was reimbursed for the alleged tainted spinach.

Can you just imagine what it will be like for her party guests reading the news about the bird skull, especially since she suggested the eyeballs may have been in the spinach when she served it to her guests and ate it with them!