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Bird clubs are a fun way to learn more about birds and parrots

Bird clubs are a great way to learn more about birds and parrots
Bird clubs are a great way to learn more about birds and parrots
Shelley Garza

Participating in bird clubs is a great way to find out about birds and different breeds of birds and parrots. There are various clubs dedicated to specific breeds such as canaries and finches among others. There are also local bird clubs in most parts of the country, and national clubs as well. Overall joining a bird club can be a fun way to get an education about birds and parrots. 

Oftentimes the club will have a speaker and a lecture about a specific bird related topic. Meetings are usually monthly and some clubs offer refreshments such as cookies and drinks. Many clubs also feature raffles. At the raffles once you purchase tickets or make a donation to get an equal amount of tickets, there is the possibility to win cages, bird toys, bird food, and sometimes even birds.

Getting and keeping a bird or parrot is such a huge responsibility and finding others that share your interest and want to share their knowledge is one of the great reasons to join a bird club. You may find that after going to bird club meetings that owning a large parrot for instance is not for you and that finches are more to your liking or vice versa.

Education about the care of birds and parrots is so important if you are going to keep them in a responsible way, and bird clubs provide a service that can be part of successfully keeping birds and parrots because of the education and shared communication that they offer.

Bird clubs are also a way to meet others that are interested in birds and parrots and perhaps make some new friends. So if you are thinking of getting a bird or parrot and want to learn what other people have to say, going to a bird club meeting is certainly worth a try. For a list of bird clubs go to the American Federation of Aviculture.