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DOJ summons Cedric Lee for tax case; Sec. Leila De Lima orders arrest

Cedric Lee, Vhong Navarro, Sec. Leila De Lima
Cedric Lee, Vhong Navarro, Sec. Leila De Lima

Part time actress and model Deniece Millinette Cornejo, one of the men accused in the mauling of actor-TV host Vhong Navarro, still couldn't believe that her rape complaint was already dismissed by the three-man panel of the Department of Justice. In her interview with local reporters this morning, April 16, 2014, after posting her bail for grave coercion case, Deniece expressed her disappointments for the DOJ's decision, according to her, the justice department is favoring Vhong Navarro.

Incidentally, her co-accused Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee, Zimmer Raz, Jose Paolo Calma, Ferdinand Guerrero have failed to post bail at the Taguig Metropolitan Trial Court. After hearing the report, DOJ Sec. Leila De Lima immediately ordered the authorities to look for these people and put them in prison because of their failure to follow the law.

Aside from an arrest order, the good secretary also commented on the rumored issuance of arrest warrants for serious illegal detention case filed by Vhong Navarro against Cedric and his men next week. Based to her statement on TV Patrol, the most trusted news program in the Philippines for the past two decades now, the arrest warrants could possibly be issued by Judge Bernard Bernal of the Taguig Metropolitan Trial Court after the lenten season.

The very brave DOJ secretary did not give any detailed information regarding the issue, but according to some observers who are following this Vhong Navarro-Cedric Lee case, the arrest warrants will be issued next week (April 21 to 27). This illegal detention case is non-bailable, and if Judge Bernal issued arrest warrants for this case, Cedric Lee and his cohorts will stay in jail while these cases (grave coercion and serious illegal detention) are being heard.

Unfortunately, aside from these cases filed by Vhong Navarro, Cedric Lee is also facing charges from the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR. Based on an updated post of, the DOJ has already summoned him to answer the Php194.47M tax evasion case filed by the bureau.