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Bipartisan Wisconsin CBD oil medical cannabis bill for children with seizures

The CBD bill is sponsored by a Democrat, Rep. Robb Kahl, and a Republican, Rep. Scott Krug.
The CBD bill is sponsored by a Democrat, Rep. Robb Kahl, and a Republican, Rep. Scott Krug.
Wisconsin Legilature

Rep. Robb Kahl (D-Monona) and Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) have introduced legislation to allow the use of medical cannabis strains with cannabidiol (CBD) for treatment of childhood seizure disorders. Sponsors include 19 Democrats and 3 Republicans. Cosponsors are Reps. Kolste, Craig (R), Wachs, Sinicki, Bewley, Hintz, Zepnick, Berceau, Ringhand, Hebl, Pope, Zamarripa, Goyke, Ohnstad, Sargent, Riemer, Taylor and Bies (R). In the Senate, it is being authored by Senators Wirch, Lehman and Miller.

Here is the Legislative Reference Bureau analysis of the bill:

"Under current law, a controlled substance is classified in one of five separate schedules. The classification is based on: 1) whether there is a currently accepted medical use for the drug; 2) the drug’s potential for being abused; and 3) the nature of the dependence that use of the drug may produce. A Schedule I controlled substance, such as a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), may not be dispensed, even with a prescription. This bill specifically provides that THC does not include cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD oil extract) in a form without a psychoactive effect if dispensed or documented by a practitioner. This bill also specifically allows CBD oil extract to be dispensed by a practitioner for the treatment of a seizure disorder and allows a practitioner to provide an individual with a letter or other documentation stating that the individual possesses CBD oil extract to treat a seizure disorder."

According to Kahl, "This bill does two things:

1. It makes it clear, under state law, the cannabidiol, is not THC and a schedule 1 drug, if a practitioner dispenses it or provides a letter authorizing use for the treatment of a seizure disorder.

2. It provides that cannabidiol may be possessed for treatment of a seizure disorder if dispensed by a practitioner or if the practitioner provides a letter stating the individual possesses it to treat a seizure disorder."

Changing attitudes towards cannabis have now spurred four bills in the 2013-2014 session that would reform state pot laws, the Jacki Rickert Medical Cannabis Act (JRMCA), Rep. Melissa Sargent's legalization bill, bipartisan hemp legislation by Rep. Amy Sue Vruwink and now this bill. Clearly Wisconsin is not immune from the sea change in public opinion the nation is witnessing daily.

And Dane County voters will be casting ballots April 1, 2014 in the Spring elections for an advisory referendum asking if state lawmakers should legalize pot.

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