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Bioware to host panel for the next ‘Mass Effect’ at Comic-Con next this weekend

Mass Effect
Mass Effect
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Members from the Mass Effect team will be present at this year’s Comic-Con to hold a panel discussion to talk about the development of the upcoming fourth installment of the Mass Effect franchise. Bioware plans to discuss how they plan to start a new narrative that introduces new gameplay mechanics while still managing to be familiar to fans of the popular science fiction series according to a report by Cinema Blend on July 19.

The panel will take place in this Saturday afternoon and will likely contain only a brief amount of information as it is scheduled to last only one hour. Titled, Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect, the discussion will feature members from Bioware’s Edmonton and Montreal Studios who will offer their insight on what it’s like to continue Mass Effect without Commander Shepard.

Currently announced to be a part of the panel is Mass Effect producers Mike Gamble and Fabrice Condominas. The will also be joined by lead animator Carl Boulay, senior artist Noel Lukasewich, and community manager Jessica Merizan.

Little is currently know about the next Mass Effect project other than that it will introduce a new protagonist to series after Mass Effect 3 fully wrapped up the Commander Shepard trilogy. Because of this introduction to a new lead character, Bioware has decided not to call the upcoming title Mass Effect 4 to further separate the continuation of the franchise from Shepard. However, the developer has not yet revealed exactly what the new Mass Effect game will be titled.

Bioware has yet to even confirm what platforms the next Mass Effect title will be available for. It is likely that the game is being developed for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but it is unknown if it will still appear on last-gen consoles or not.