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Bioware still isn't saying if ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ will have multiplayer

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

While Bioware titles are traditionally single player games, the developer did introduce a co-op mode in Mass Effect 3. Since their most recent release featured a multiplayer element, fans are curious if this fall’s Dragon Age: Inquisition will also include some form of multiplayer mode. However, despite the fact that the game launches in less than three months, Bioware still won’t either confirm or deny whether Inquisition will have multiplayer gameplay. Continuing their reluctance to discuss the topic, the developer once again simply stated on Aug. 21 that they aren’t yet ready to talk about multiplayer at this time.

It seems odd that Bioware refuses to talk about the possibility of multiplayer in a game so near to release. At this point the developer is surely aware whether Dragon Age: Inquisition will have multiplayer gameplay or not. The decision to simply not reveal whether a multiplayer mode will exist in the series’ next installment is rare for a game that is preparing to launch shortly.

Bioware could simply not want the announcement to affect the game’s preorders in fear that fans might react differently to the addition of multiplayer. While some might welcome such a game mode, others might feel that multiplayer features could detract from the single player experience. This means that any kind of announcement could have an impact on early sales. Whatever the reason, Bioware still hasn’t revealed whether Dragon Age: Inquisition will include a multiplayer mechanic or not and fans will simply have to wait until the developer decides to make an official announcement to finally learn the answer.