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Bioware reveals the first details on the next ‘Mass Effect’ game

Mass Effect
Mass Effect
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

During a panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Bioware held a brief discussion about the upcoming fourth installment of the Mass Effect series. Up until this point, all that was known about the franchise’s next entry was that the game wouldn’t place fans back in the role of Commander Shepard. The developer’s recent panel, however, finally gave fans a few additional details about the new Mass Effect project according to a Gamespot report from July 27.

While the next Mass Effect title won’t follow Shepard, considering his storyline officially concluded with Mass Effect 3, Bioware did reveal that the new protagonist will once again be human. Similar to the developer’s previous titles, gamers will likely be able to customize a character with an existing backstory such as what was seen with Commander Shepard or Dragon Age II’s Hawke.

It was also confirmed that the Mako will be returning in the new game. This will be the first time that the ground exploration vehicle will be seem in the series wince the original Mass Effect title. The decision to reintroduce the Mako came from a supposed new focus on exploration that will be found within the next Mass Effect game. Bioware is also placing a similarly increased importance on exploring in this fall’s Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After being asked about if any familiar faces will be seen in the new game, the developer hinted that it was a possibility. If this is true then the title would take place within the timeline close to the events of the first Mass Effect trilogy. This has been the first clue that fans have been given regarding the timeframe of the next Mass Effect game.

Since Bioware is taking their time to create the game that they want to see completed, the developer warned that it could be years before the fourth Mass Effect title is released. This information points to a strong likelihood of the game appearing on new-gen platforms.