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BioWare reveals ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’s’ first season PvP rewards

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Player versus player enthusiasts in “Star Wars: The Old Republic” have no doubt taken part in the first ranked season of PvP. Killing each other isn’t the only incentive, though. Developers announced on Wednesday what players can expect in terms of rewards for this first season.

The rancor mount in SWTOR
The rancor mount in SWTORBioWare

For the highest earned rating, gamers can pick up a multitude of different rewards. There are five tiers of rewards based on the player’s rating. Players’ ratings at the end of season one will determine their prize. The season will conclude with game update 2.7.

The following is a list of expected rewards for the season one:

Tier 5 - Rating 0001-1149

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 5 Title

Tier 4 - Rating 1150-1224

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 4 Title
  • A Mini-Pet

Tier 3 - Rating 1225-1299

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 3 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set

Tier 2 - Rating 1300-1499

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 2 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set
  • Season 1 Ranked Weapon Set

Tier 1 - Rating 1500+

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 1 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set
  • Season 1 Ranked Weapon Set
  • Giradda The Hutt's Rancor Mount

Players can check their rating by visiting the Warzone Queue. With the highest earned rating determining the tier reward, players are free to keep trying for higher and higher ratings without worrying about losing rating before the completion of the season.

The season is scheduled to conclude on April 8 with the 2.7 update.

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