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BioWare: MomoCon appearance nothing to do with 'Mass Effect 3' DLC

What will BioWare have at MomoCon? Not anything related to Mass Effect 3 DLC.
What will BioWare have at MomoCon? Not anything related to Mass Effect 3 DLC.

Some BioWare Edmonton staffers plus the voices of male and female Commander Shepard and Grunt will be attending MomoCon in Atlanta, GA in March. Community manager Chris Priestly took to the forums Monday to clarify what the "Mass Effect 3" developer will be doing there. Actually, it was more along the lines of what it won't be doing there.

"Keith Hayward (a senior level designer who is working on the upcoming DLC) and I will be attending MomoCon in Atlanta, along with Jennifer Hale, Mark Meer & Steve Blum," Priestly wrote in the BioWare forums.

"Our attending MomoCon has nothing directly to do with upcoming DLC, discussing, launch dates, timing, etc. and is just a coincidence. I met with the organizers of MomoCon when we attended Dragon*Con last summer in Atlanta. At that time they invited us to attend MomoCon. Since then, we have worked together to see if BioWare could be a part of the event. They worked very hard for us to come (they are really trying to increase their video game presence), so we are very pleased to be able to attend."

Of course, that doesn't mean that fans aren't free to ask questions during Q&A sessions. Whether Hawyard or Priestly gives the answer they are looking for is another question.

MomoCon is an anime and video game convention that will start Friday, March 8 at the Hilton Atlanta in downtown Atlanta, GA. BioWare will be hosting an industry panel on Sunday, March 10 at 1 p.m. while Meer and Hale will be part of a "Stars of Mass Effect" panel that Saturday at 8:30 p.m. You can get full details on all the Mass Effect and BioWare related panels here.

And for those wondering, yes cameras are allowed so you can record the entire panels.

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Via: BioWare forums


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