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Bioware explains why there won’t be a ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ playable demo

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

It was announced earlier in the week that Bioware doesn’t have any plans to make a demo available for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Offering fans more insight into the situation, the developer has now provided a brief explanation as to why they won’t be worrying about releasing a playable demo to the public. Bioware’s Allan Schumacher took some time to discuss the decision to not release a demo for the next Dragon Age game while addressing players in a post from the developer’s official forums on June 18.

Giving a simply response, Schumacher explained that putting together a demo would take time and resources away from the main development of the game. With that in mind, the task of completing Dragon Age: Inquisition itself has been given prominence over taking people off of the project in order to create a demo.

As many fans have pointed out, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II both received their own playable demos in the past. This has left some to wonder why Bioware won’t be taking the same approach with the franchise’s upcoming third installment. Schumacher clarified that work on both of the series’ previous entries were completed in time to allow the team to build their demos. With Dragon Age: Inquisition, however, the developer is in a much different situation as there is still work to do before the game’s launch.

Before the title releases later this fall, fans will get a chance to setup their game save early as Bioware plans to launch the Dragon Age Keep before the game comes out. The Keep will let both new and returning player dictate how past events transpired in the recent history of the Dragon Age universe. The web-based app will be used exclusively to determine player decisions from the first two games in the series as opposed to imported existing save files.

Launching on Oct 7, Dragon Age: Inquisition will released across a wide number of systems including PS4, Xbox One, PC, and last-gen consoles. Players will be able to customize the protagonist of the title with their choice of race, class, and gender.