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BioWare explains how Dragon Age: Inquisition's Tactical View has been improved

Ready for Inquisition?
Ready for Inquisition?
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After the launch of Dragon Age 2, BioWare knew there was plenty of work to be done when it came to creating the third installment in the franchise. With feedback and lots to reflect on the previous two Dragon Age games, Dragon Age: Inquisition could end up being the quintessential iteration.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is going to be improving the Tactical View and BioWare has really dove into what made it less appealing in Dragon Age 2. Cameron Lee, who is a producer on Dragon Age: Inquisition, talked about Tactical View and the changes they've made.

"The combat in Dragon Age: Origins was very different to its sequel. In Inquisition, even if you’re running around fighting rather than using the tactical view the combat is slowed down, there’s more weight to the animations and impact to the hits.

"We’ve brought back the tactical view for all platforms we’ve improved on it so you can follow your party of characters, zoom in, pan it and get a good feel for the environment as well as hovering over enemies to see info about them, their strengths and weaknesses and stuff like that," Lee said.

There were definitely issues that people had with Dragon Age 2, but with how much time and effort BioWare is putting into developing this third installment, fans should be optimistic about what's coming this November. It should undoubtedly be a much improved product than what we saw a few years back.

When working on a franchise with previous iterations having been released, it's crucial for developers to listen to what fans have to say about the game. Constructive feedback is an important part of the process. Lee talked about working on Dragon Age: Inquisition, planning for the future and who they looked to for feedback outside of the studio.

"We started out by looking at how players used and what they liked about Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. We also look at what the market’s doing too because it’s been so long since those games; when you’re planning a game that takes three or four years to make you have to look ahead and try to predict what might happen.

"We did look long and hard at everything, not just at what the core fans want but also what other fans who don’t necessarily talk to us on the forums or on Twitter and we can gauge a lot of their reactions through the telemetry data that we get," Lee said.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be launching this Nov. 18. It will be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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