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Bioware discusses the return of a popular companion in ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’

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Varric, the dwarf companion who was first introduced in Dragon Age II, has become one of the series’ most celebrated characters. Any situation that the storyteller couldn’t charm his way out of could just as easily be solved with the help of his crossbow that he affectionately named Bianca. As one of the few returning characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware writer Mary Kirby revealed on June 21 how Varric will fit into the franchise’s next installment.

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Kirby, one of the many writers charged with building the story and lore of the Dragon Age universe, was specifically responsible for writing Varric in Dragon Age II and will take on the same job for this fall’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. Varric is described as the character within the series who finds himself unlucky enough to be thrust into the center of many of the tragedies that plague Thedas during the course of the games.

After the events of Kirkwall, Varric must travel away from any friend he’s ever known only to once again be thrown into the middle of a new conflict that threatens the fate of the world itself. To make matters worse, when players meet Varric in Dragon Age: Inquisition, he his traveling with Cassandra who he hasn’t quite forgiven for the interrogation he endured at her hands. Kirby reveals that Varric is a character who has been through a lot and his luck is only going to get work in the third game.

However, the charismatic dwarf doesn’t let what’s happening in the world around him affect his attitude. In fact, Kirby stated that the unfortunate situations that he continually finds himself in are exactly why he tells stories. By changing a few details of what transpired, the dwarf can give reason to disasters and make legends out of heroes. While he might be holding a grudge against Cassandra, Kirby revealed that Varric will make an attempt to get along with the rest of the companion characters who will make up players’ adventuring party.

Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on Oct 7 on both last and current generation platforms. Featuring the return of Varric, fans can expect more of the dwarf’s humorous banter full of exaggerations and nicknames.