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BioWare adding reputation to 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' in 1.7 update

Since going free-to-play "Star Wars: The Old Republic" has seen new players, returning players, and enough controversy to last an MMO lifetime. That is not slowing the developers down, though. A new game feature was announced yesterday and it is scheduled to show up in game for update 1.7.

Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshots promoting reputation and more
Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshots promoting reputation and more
A reputation trophy

Reputation is coming to "Star Wars: The Old Republic." Like other MMOs, reputation is a way to continue progressing in the game by completing missions and earning reputation with factions. This is no different in "Star Wars: The Old Republic;" however, the reputation earned is completely tied to a player's Legacy.

This means one character can earn the reputation but the entire Legacy gets credit. Similarly to most MMOs, earning reputation nets the player new titles and other benefits. Earning that reputation is done by completing weekly missions, hard mode space missions, and more. Players simply collect a Reputation Trophy and use the consumable to earn the reputation (some of these are of artifact quality so free players may require an artifact authorization unlock from the Cartel Market).

For more information on the reputation system check out the developer blog. Also, an expansion for "Star Wars: The Old Republic" will be releasing this Spring. Be sure to check it out to stay at the level cap, to enjoy more story, and to visit a new planet.

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