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BioShock is soon heading to iOS

If BioShock: Infinite left you ready to return to Rapture, you could be heading back under the sea sooner than you think - on iOS, nonetheless.

BioShock for iOS-slide0
2K Games

Today 2K Games took to Twitter to announce that the original BioShock will see a portable remake on iOS devices.

The announcement seems to have come completely out of the blue and only serves to raise more questions - most notably: why now?

BioShock was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 in August 2007. More than a year later in October 2008, a port hit the PlayStation 3. And in October of 2009, BioShock finally made its way to Macintosh OSX where it found itself stuck in rerelease limbo until now.

Prepare to return to Rapture! #BioShock is coming soon to iOS devices. - @2K

There had been murmurings of a mobile version of BioShock releasing in the past, as far back as February 2008 - most notably from IG Fun and Indiagames - but nothing ever materialized. Of course, mobile gaming has increased drastically in popularity and performance since then, so it's now more than possible to create a playable portable version on touch screen devices.

But who exactly is the target demographic for such a port? First-person shooters on touchscreen mobile devices are, in my opinion at least, pretty awful and unable to be comfortably played for long periods at a time - and BioShock isn't exactly an ideal game to play while standing in line or waiting on the bus.

Since the announcement, screenshots and video of the game in action have been released - confirming that a mobile version of BioShock is possible.

Regardless, I can't help but feel that dumbing down BioShock for iOS devices is a step in the wrong direction and harms the game's legacy, but that really doesn't matter because the iOS version will sell like plasma-injected underwater hotcakes.

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