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Bioshock Infinite logo used by Fox News and hilarity ensues

The Fox News logo has 4 stars per side. BioShock has 3. Otherwise, it's definitely close.
The Fox News logo has 4 stars per side. BioShock has 3. Otherwise, it's definitely close.
Neetzan Zimmerman

Okay, so maybe Fox News didn't completely steal the BioShock Infinite logo, but it's safe to say they borrowed heavily from the original design. Earlier this week Fox News aired a piece called "Defending the Homeland". That itself isn't newsworthy, but if you look at the design of their logo, you can see how closely it resembles the BioShock Infinite one. It's close enough that on Tuesday BioShock creator Ken Levine took to Twitter to mock the use of Fox New's "new design".

As for why this is so funny? It has everything to do with the game itself. In BioShock Infinite, the flag is used by the city of Columbia. It's home to the main villain the self-appointed "Prophet of Columbia" Zachary Hale Comstock, a man who takes right-wing based religious zealotry to ridiculous levels. Because you are trying to rescue his daughter, (he's tortured her and kept her locked up for years) his devoted, (and quite honestly simple-minded and really racist) followers will do everything they can to stop you.

I want you to think about that for a second: an organization that has a reputation as right-wing, somewhat xenophobic and possibly even racist decides to have a logo that is being used by a group that is blatantly right-wing, definitely xenophobic and really open about their racism. This is so perfect I think this was slipped in by an intern as he finished his final shift before going back to college (to play more BioShock Infinite, probably.)

Do you remember a few years ago when the Daily Show did their Team Stupid vs. Team Evil bit relating to the choice of Fox News regarding their bashing of Al-Waleed bin Talal? This is because bin Talal actually owns a large portion of Fox News which means that Fox News was basically calling one of their principal owners a terrorist (or something similar). I'm not saying that one of these instances is more hilarious than the other, but for a company that promises "Fair & Balanced" media covering, it's funny either way.

So what do you think? Was this the worst possible coincidence because someone working for Fox News thought it was patriotic looking? I've previously reviewed the game itself, and loved it. But I really liked was that Levine had no problem saying the material, while controversial in some sections, is part of America’s history and while we may want to erase it from our collective memories, it did happen. So the next time Fox News wants to get even more "Ra Ra 'Merica!" they may want to double-check their work. Just a thought.