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Biofeedback game developer brings Europe's best-selling biofeedback games to US

Screenshots from the Stone Biofeedback games ,the Stone Biofeedback device, and the sensor
Screenshots from the Stone Biofeedback games ,the Stone Biofeedback device, and the sensor
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With all the stress and anxiety people are facing daily across America, ION, a European company, decided to bring their number one best-selling European biofeedback games here.

John Williams,co- founder and CEO of explained," The product I just introduced to the American market is called Stone. It was designed over 11 years using games that teach people how to focus, concentrate, reduce stress, and anxiety. "

When asked why biofeedback can be so helpful in reducing stress and anxiety Marek explained,"Biofeedback is a process of monitoring any physiological signal in the body. Then, it amplifies it in some way so that you can see the changes, even though these changes may be small."

He continued,"We developed a series of four biofeedback games that help people to focus and reduce stress. Stone uses measurement of your heart rate with a sensor so you can see how your heart rate changes as you learn to control your emotions"

Stone biofeedback games haven proven to be effective in helping children and adults with ADD and ADDHD to control their emotions.

To measure your heart rate using Stone you place a sensor on your earlobe or finger, then this sensor measures the changes in your heart rate as you play the biofeedback games

.As you play theses biofeedback games you will notice the changes in patterns you see on your computer screen. With time and practice you will see more of a wave pattern as you do these breathing exercises. You also earn and accumulate points as you play the games.

The goal is to see the change in the patterns created on the screen as you play these games and learn to focus, concentrate, reduce stress and anxiety. You will see the results immediately on your computer screen.

These changes that go on in the body and signals problems going on in the body

The latest version of Stone includes interactive software to help people more effectively manage their emotions including anger and stress. It has four biofeedback games , each with an audio guide that explains how to use Stone and play each game.

The first three games on this software are Instant Relaxation: a breathing exercise game guided by your heart; Crystal Clear is a game that helps you focus your thoughts; and Inner Energy is a guided meditation.

Mental Magic is the fourth game and it is probably the most challenging because you use your mind to control a race car's movement around a track. You can play and compete with friends and family.

Stone also was designed for both home use and a pro version which according to Marek is purchased by professionals who want to use Stone with their clientele for training or therapy. The pro version allows use by an unlimited number of users, limited only by the computer capacity. It includes statistics including wavelet analysis, plots, Poincare plot and Fourier transforms with window and scale settings.

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