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Binns Management signs Ohio Welterweight prospect Reggie Parks

Reggie Parks celebrating after win
Reggie Parks celebrating after win
Reggie Parks

Binns Management currently represents Bellator fighters, WSOF fighters, and top prospects all over the country. Binns Management has signed another prospect to it’s roster of top talent, with the signing of Ohio native Reggie Parks. Parks is a Welterweight Professional MMA fighter who holds a record of 4-1. Parks has finished three of his four victories in impressive fashion, all within the first round. Parks has defeated one opponent by Guillotine Choke submission, and the two other finishes came by Knockout/TKO including a 12 second knockout.

I had the chance to talk with Reggie Parks about what made him want to be a MMA fighter, signing with Binns Management, and what goals he has set for his MMA career:

Kyle Holdsworth: When did you first get into the sport of MMA, and what attracted you to it?

Reggie Parks: I actually got into MMA about 9 or 10 years ago. I was playing College Football and I was watching one of the first UFC’s. I told most of my teammates I was eventually going to fight in a big organization like that. My friends were laughing at me not believing it, but that’s what attracted me to MMA. A couple years later when I was in Arena Football, I got into MMA and a couple of my College Football friends came to one of my fights. They were all surprised that I actually went through with it.

KH: How did you get into signing with Binns Management? How do you think being with Binns Management will benefit your MMA career?

RP: I actually heard about Binns from one of my buddies who knows Jimmy [Binns Jr]. I contacted Jimmy on Facebook and we talked and it seemed like the right move to sign with him. I think Binns Management helps me by getting me more fights. Being older it’s tougher to get more fights. A lot of people just look at your age and, don’t look at your ability they just worry about that number. Sometimes when you get older but keep taking care of your body you can still move like younger fighters and do things just as good. I think Binns Management will be getting more fights for me and I’ll be able to show off my ability and capitalize on that.

KH: What goals have you set for yourself with your MMA career?

RP: My goals really aren’t as much financially motivated as they are just trying to accomplish fighting in larger venues and showcasing my skills as a martial artist. Only reason I say it’s not financially motivated is because I do have a job and a career. I do understand my fighting career will eventually be over. I do understand I will have to support my family when my fighting career is over. Hopefully one day Bellator or UFC or a big organization like that, will help promote me and what I do.

KH: When should fans expect to see Reggie Parks back in the cage?

RP: As soon as possible. I never stop training, but I’m not one of those guys who overtrains for his fights. At any given time if a promoter gets a fight that’s right for me then I’m ready to go. I’d like to be back in the cage as early as yesterday.

For more information on Binns Management check out the Official Binns Management website.

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