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Bing right about Detroit (so vote him out)

                Mayor Bing has shown true business acumen into trying to salvage Detroit. A recent article doubts his fiscal goals ( and the city’s unions are up in arms over the job and salary cuts he is requiring. Thus, he must be on the right path when government workers are upset about being held accountable just like working-class private business owners like me. So now that he is on the right path to make government operate like a business with worker accountability, the city of Detroit will probably vote him out.
                It is depressing to hear from those who have had it the easiest for decades to now claim how unfair it is to be held fiscally accountable. I have had to sell equipment and hold on for dear life in my business, but I am not walking the picket lines in front of a school or city building while I should be working. This is today’s America, and Detroit is a prime example of a major city that needs to look itself collectively in the mirror to see if it really wants to survive.
                Mayor Bing is at least saying and appears to be doing everything a business leader should when evaluating a city that is hemorrhaging money. He knows that labor costs are the major component of most business models, especially government bureaucracies (though he should require major pay cuts from the upper management staff as well instead of giving pay raises). He knows the desperation facing the city’s future if strong and comprehensive overhauls aren’t followed through.
                So, Detroit, instead of complaining about a mayor you may not have voted for, develop a better plan to keep the city alive. Mayor Bing faces a major battle trying to keeping Detroit out of receivership and is doing everything possible to salvage his city. If you don’t want to put in the sacrifices necessary as a resident or as a city employee to help keep Detroit solvent, then the best thing you can do is move aside to let others that want to help the mayor turn Detroit around. 
Detroit is on its financial deathbed; Mayor Bing is using every business approach he knows to keep this city afloat. You should be helping him bring this turnaround about instead of using your own failures or entitlement mentality to keep dragging Detroit deeper in debt.