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Bing is zinging us with fake news alerts for April Fool's Day: Were you fooled?
April 1: The day for the pranksters and fools in all of us. Bing too.

Bing is zinging us.

The Microsoft web search engine is taking full advantage of the calendar – April 1 of course being April Fool’s Day.

According to Bing on April 1, if you typically like to peruse the news items and trending internet search phrases scrolling on the bottom of the Bing home page, today, being the day to pull a jokey witticism with complete immunity, you may see the following bits of phony-baloney news.

Under NASA Sun Landing:

Announcing its goal, NASA scientists conceded, "Obviously, it’s harder to do in the dark, but it's far too hot during the day."

Under Yankees Moving:

The deal that would move the Yankees to Toronto is complete. "Jeter's retiring. I don't even like crack anymore," said Mayor Rob Ford. "I'll be the new shortstop."

Under I can see Wasilla, we are directed to a bogus news teaser that says Russia has annexed Alaska. For more on that:

April Fool's Day Alaska: Russia annexes Alaska, says April Fool's day news joke

Another bit of Bing News said that President Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner, who agree on very little, are being forced to share an office.

All of the above forged news items link to Bing results for April Fool’s Day, letting us know we’ve been had.

This morning, I was making my way through a Tim Hortons, and after ordering my drive-thru coffee, drove up to the window. I had no cash on me, so I presented by credit card. Declined, said the young man working the window.

Speculating as to why but dismissing it as just some issue with their swiper, I handed over a different credit card. Declined again! I asked if something was wrong with their credit card machine.

“No it was working fine. The man before you just used his card in fact,” came the reply.

So with equal parts embarrassment and anxiety, I offered my debit card, which also functions as credit. Now I know that there is money in my account. Writers don't get paid too robustly, but I have enough to float me a cup of Joe.

“I’m sorry – this was declined too,” and then seconds later, “April Fools!”

Happy to get my coffee and to know that no identity thief has absconded with all my banking and credit card information, I sat down to write this article.

So let’s hear from you. Were you taken in by any Bing news results today? Did a friend or coworker nail you with a prank? Leave your story below.

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