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Bindi Irwin boyfriend friends: At 16, Bindi is victim of older man romance rumor

Bindi Irwin victim of older man boyfriend rumors. She's 16 and rumored beau is 24.
Bindi Irwin victim of older man boyfriend rumors. She's 16 and rumored beau is 24.
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Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter, has a following of her own these days and the 16-year-old is rumored to be dating a man of 24. The rumor started after the two have turned up in quite a few photos together and they’ve also been friendly back and forth on their social media pages.

The Inquisitr on August 6 suggests that these rumors amount to a “Bindi Irwin Boyfriend scandal.” One might imagine this would be a scandal if a young kid of 16 is romantically involved with a man of 24, but that isn’t the case claims a spokesperson from the zoo that the two work at. The late Steve Irwin's oldest child has a level head on her shoulders and is not about to start dating a man of 24.

Luke Reavley works as an assistant to Terri Irwin, Bindi’s mom, and he has been a close friend of the family for years. It sounds like this is more of a big brother type relationship than one that’s based in romance. Bindi and Luke work at the Australian zoo with her mom Terri.

Bindi and Luke were spotted at Splendour in the Grass with Luke acting like he was there to protect the young Irwin. Witnesses also said that they looked upon each other with adoration as they went on to Byron Bay and had lunch together after some shopping.

When Bindi turned 16 a message via Ink 361 page from Luke wished Bindi a “Happy Birthday to one of the greatest friends! I hope you have an amazing day and can’t wait to see what the next year brings for you.”

Bindi’s reply was fairly generic from a friend saying that “Blessed to have you in my life, you are truly one of my best friends ever.” Either message could have been written to a man or a woman, it doesn’t hint at a romance.

It looks like Bindi is starting young when it comes to the rumor mills attaching romances where there are none, but living in the public eye tends to leave you wide open for these type of rumors. She appears to be a young woman with a thick skin, so hopefully she can let the rumors slide right off her!

It looks as if Bindi and Luke’s romance story stems from an article in Woman’s Day this week that calls Luke her new “beau.” The article puts Luke in charge of the Elephants at the zoo where the two work, but there are no elephants at the zoo.

Luke is Terri Irwin’s assistant and also a good friend to Bindi and nothing more. Sources told Woman’s Day that the two have bonded over their love for animals.

Bindi, has shown in the past that she’s more mature than the average teen of 16. This was seen when she expressed to teenage girls to dress their age and stop trying to look older by flaunting too much skin. Bindi herself sports the girl-next-door-look with a touch of safari thrown in.

She has been known to have a good head on her shoulders so far, so if she says that her and Luke are great friends, it would be safe to take her at her word! The two being only friends is Bindi's response to the boyfriend rumors.

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