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Bindi Irwin boyfriend: Friend Luke Reavley mistaken as teen's beau, reports say

Bindi Irwin's 'boyfriend' is a friend and family assistant, reports indicate
Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Is there a new Bindi Irwin boyfriend, or is “friends” a more appropriate term? There has been buzz that “The Crocodile Hunter's” daughter, who just turned 16, may be getting romantic with an older guy. According to Sky News, however, the situation is not a romantic one.

The story regarding Bindi Irwin's boyfriend, er, friend, seems to have originated with Woman's Day. Supposedly the teen is dating Luke Reavley, 24, who works at the Australia Zoo. The two were spotted out together last week for a relaxing day in Byron Bay. They also have been quite friendly on social media, sharing pictures showing them together.

That said, Sky News says that Bindi and Luke are friends, as he has worked at the zoo since 2007 and knows the family well. However, supposedly that is where things end. The spokeswoman for the zoo says that Reavley, who is Terri Irwin's executive assistant, not the head of the elephants at the zoo apparently, is not not Bindi Irwin's boyfriend. They're friends, and Luke and Bindi are said to work together closely, but that is apparently it.

The spokeswoman adds that Luke used to work with elephants at the zoo, but that the zoo no longer has them. Now, he has “been the Irwins' family assistant for some time now.” If that is indeed his role, it would make sense that he is friendly with Bindi and is seen frequently with her. Irwin recently said that she's really in no hurry to have a serious boyfriend and she has no plans to become a wild and rebellious teen. However, at the age of 16 now, it is easy to see why some speculate about Bindi Irwin's boyfriend and friend possibilities.

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