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Bindi Irwin and Generation Nature bring energy and action to SeaWorld Parks

Globally recognized animal conservationist Bindi Irwin has just teamed up with SeaWorld Parks to lead the next generation of conservationists and animal lovers through Generation Nature (GenN), a new initiative that is an extension of SeaWorld Kids.

Bindi Irwin brings youth, energy and action to SeaWorld Parks with Generation Nature.
Bindi Irwin brings youth, energy and action to SeaWorld Parks with Generation Nature.
PRNewsFoto/SeaWorld Parks
Bindi Irwin makes friends with a beluga whale.
PRNewsFoto/SeaWorld Parks

Designed around SeaWorld's philosophy that the more kids understand about animals, the more they'll do to protect them, GenN is a multimedia platform where kids and their families can participate in environmentally responsible activities, share their actions and results and become educated to serve as game changers for animals and nature.

According to the press release, Bindi will be using the GenN platform to encourage kids to explore nature and connect with animals in the world around them. With an emphasis on the important role that kids play in the future of our world, Generation Nature is a positive movement that is all about making a difference through youth, energy, action and, most of all, FUN. It is meant to inspire kids to change the way they look at, and act upon, conservation and the environment.

Launched on March 6, 2014, GenN includes a website, digital apps, video blogs, online games, activities and monthly challenges. GenN can be accessed through the SeaWorld Kids website at

Monthly Challenges on GenN

  • Each month, kids and their families will be given a specific conservation challenge. They can then log their actions online to earn badges and points, thus seeing their impact on the world.
  • For each point earned, kids can direct money toward an animal conservation program. SeaWorld will donate to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, and kids can choose which programs the money goes to support. Examples include conserving cheetahs or saving penguins in the wild.

March Monthly Challenge

Sea turtles take center stage in GenN's opening month of March. Since sea turtles are affected by pollution, and nearly all waterways throughout the world are connected, the March GenN Conservation Challenge is to help "clean your world."

Families are being asked to send in pictures of the oddest item they find during their clean-up - anything from toothbrushes and tires to toilet seats, shoes and sofas. Pictures and content will be showcased online at the end of March. There is also a video blog from Bindi Irwin telling about the obstacles that sea turtles face.

Bindi and SeaWorld

This writer and animal lover is very excited about the partnership between Bindi Irwin and SeaWorld. With her boundless energy (Have you ever seen "Bindi the Jungle Girl?"), she is sure to bring a bundle of fun and action-packed adventure to the GenN initiative. Bindi is the daughter of Terri Irwin and the late Steve Irwin, beloved "crocodile hunter" and conservationist.

Fun Resources and Activities

  • Visit for games, videos, and activities designed to teach kids to explore the world around them. SeaWorld Kids is aimed at the 12 and under crew, though I had a great amount of fun during my exploration of it. And I'm only slightly older than 12.
  • Educational TV shows like "Sea Rescue" and the "Wildlife Docs" are a great way to introduce the natural world to the youngsters. "Sea Rescue" tells the story of the rescue, rehab and release of sick or injured marine animals by the SeaWorld Rescue Team and their partner organizations. "Wildlife Docs" explores behind-the-scenes with the veterinarians, technicians and trainers of animals at Busch Gardens Florida.
  • Download educational apps and find activities about each month's animal. For March, the app is "Ocean Tales: Turtles, Sharks and Dolphins." It features books, games, puzzles, pictures and videos. The app is available for download on iTunes.
  • For lots of fun pictures of Bindi and her animal friends, visit GenN on Instagram.

Don't forget to check out the video from "Good Morning America" to listen to Bindi's heartfelt description of what she is doing to carry on her dad's legacy of animal and wildlife conservation.

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