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Bin Laden killed by Navy SEAL Team

Bin Laden Classified as Deceased
United States FBI most wanted

Military families in the Atlanta area are breathing a sigh of relief tonight as it has been confirmed that 9/11 mastermind and international criminal Osama Bin Laden is dead. In the small hours just after midnight Sunday, May 1st, 2011, President Obama announced, “justice has been done.” In a compound located in a Pakistan military training facility, an American Navy SEAL team, on a “snatch and grab” mission, entered the compound under cover of night where Bin Laden was located and subsequently shot the terrorist leader in the head.

With no casualties on the American side, it has been reported that Bin Laden, in an attempt to protect his own body, used a woman as a human shield before his death. Among the other casualties reported, three other men in Bin Laden’s camp, including what is believed to be Bin Laden’s son.

The raid took place in a small village, Abbottabad, used as a military training compound. In August of last year, President Obama learned of a hiding place where the Al Qaeda leader had reportedly been staying. After confirming this intelligence lead, the President made the order to attack the compound.

A 24 man SEAL team dropped from Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters into the compound at 3:30 EST, 1:15 AM local Pakistan time. Bin Laden’s, 3,000 square foot area was invaded where a small shootout ensued just before Bin Laden was captured, killed and his body removed by the SEAL forces where it was identified and then buried at sea.

With National Guard and Air Force members from Dobbins and Army personnell from all over Georgia consistently deploying for Afghan mission support, this signifies the reality of the mission for which many have fought, still fight and have died. A culmination of bravery, diligence and political leadership made it possible for the main focus of the ten year long Afghan war to be accomplished with the death of the most wanted man on Earth, Osama Bin Laden.

Fox News and the DoD contributed to this report


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