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Billye Brim calls for weekly prayer for spiritual awakening


  Billye Brim courtesy of her website

By Debbie Carrick

    Billye Brim the founder of Prayer Mountain in Branson, Missouri is sounding the charge for prayer.  She gathers believers from around the world to the onsite chapel at Prayer Mountain every Wednesday via streaming internet.  The prayer is at 12:00 noon US central time.  Previous prayers are found in achieves on  
    Brim, a former employee of Kenneth Hagen Sr., recalls prophecies Hagen delivered back in 1972 during a phone call from Ireland at the launch of the prayer hour July 8, 2009.  Brim is teaching and applies rules of prayer for this “call to prayer” weekly event.  The number one rule seems to be that all prayer is directed to one thing, a sovereign move of God in this hour and generation that works forth an awakening to the world.  An awakening is defined as more than a revival but, a move of God that effects government, towns and communities saved and unsaved.  An awakening brings forth strong conversions.  
    According to the website Brim defines her ministry as having three prongs:  the Jews–their place as God’s time clock in the “Last Days,” the Nations–preaching and teaching concerning nations of Biblical prophecy, and the Church–watching for the Glory.  She has been teaching on the history of revival and awakenings on the Beliver’s Voice of Victory daily broadcast.


  • Don Wythe 4 years ago

    Dear Lioness Billye; I am very excited that you will be in Red Deer this September. I had the honor of meeting your lovely daughter when she was here. I gave her some teaching aids. LOVE in the authority of the Lion of JUDAH your brother in Christ Don.