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Billy Ray Cyrus releases hip-hop sequel to 'Achy Breaky Heart'

Brace yourselves, there's more "twerking" happening in the Cyrus family, but this time it has nothing to do with Miley. It's her father this time, Billy Ray Cyrus, and he just released his new single, "Achy Break Heart 2", last night, Tuesday, Feb. 11, with Kentucky rapper, Buck 22.

The song features an interesting cameo in the opening by talk show legend, Larry King, and the absurdity just continues from there on out. You have to watch the video to take in all the craziness, but some of the highlights include: women wearing next-to-nothing twerking with Billy Ray and Buck 22; an unusual opening scene parodying "The Andy Griffith Show"; a Miley lookalike blowing smoke, of some kind, into Billy Ray's face, and it all appears to be happening inside a spaceship, of course.

The song is currently trending on Facebook and Twitter, and the video on YouTube has 500,000 hits already. Unfortunately, the buzz does not seem to be too positive for Buck and Billy; as most of the posts surrounding the video seem to be asking "why?" and the video currently has around 8,000 "thumbs down" to 2,000 "thumbs up" on YouTube.

However, when you launch a video featuring Larry King, twerking aliens, and Billy Ray Cyrus on a spaceship, one has to believe that this kind of publicity is exactly what Buck 22 and Cyrus expected from the video. Plus, at least dad is taking the pressure off Miley for a day or two.

Watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments, but be warned, it is definitely NSFW. Well, unless you work at a gentlemen's club.

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