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Billy Miller heads to 'General Hospital' as Jason

Billy Miller
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

General Hospital” writers and casting directors like to keep fans waiting until the absolute last minute. For months rumors swirled about Michelle Stafford being cast as Nina Clay, and finally it was announced that she would be joining the show. Much like Stafford, Billy Miller has been the subject of endless rumors. According to a June 13 report from Soap Opera Digest, it is likely that Billy Miller has inked a deal with “General Hospital.” Speculation is that Miller would play the role of Jason since Steve Burton has opted to stay at “The Young and the Restless.”

The role of Jason is going to be a difficult one to fill. Steve Burton originated the role and the character was on the canvas for over two decades. Fans are going to have mixed feelings about Billy Miller stepping in. There is also the decision about whether or not Jason will come back as a Quartermaine. Due to an injury suffered in a car accident, Jason lost all of his memories and built a new life as Jason Morgan.

Social media has been filled with endless comments about Billy Miller heading to “General Hospital.” The Twitter feed for “Billy Miller General Hospital” suggests fans are almost all on the same page about who Miller would play if he landed in Port Charles. There are several fans against the re-cast of Jason, but others support the need for the character to stay on the canvas. This is quite a touchy subject for JaSam (Jason and Sam) fans.

Right now the news of Billy Miller being hired on at “General Hospital” is unconfirmed, but many believe it is going to be announced soon. Robin left to try and “save” a frozen Jason a few months ago, which only leads to speculation he will be back sooner than fans believe. Miller is talented actor and while he may not be Steve Burton, some fans are willing to give him a chance as Jason.

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