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Billy Meier, Asket, Jmmanuel and time travel, part 2 of 3

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We continue, from part 1, considering the extra-terrestrial alien named Asket “was the second offworlder to contact Billy [Meier].” That which follows are the notes regarding a time when Asket took Meier back in time circa 2,000 years to the time of Jmmanuel whom they claim is the original and actual person who later came to be called Jesus.

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Asket's Explanations - Part 5 continues along these lines:


“Damn. The year 32 would indeed have to be the year of the crucifixion of Christ. Or?”


“…7. I have to determine that your manner of expression has indeed changed a lot in the last few days. 8. It is no longer so strongly orientated towards religion as it was at the beginning of our acquaintanceship.”


“Holy smoke. Is that so surprising?…I was a slave to damned religion and this idiotic Christianity my whole life long. Now you suddenly turn up with your mad friend and drag me out into outer space and far back into various past epochs. Everywhere I have to see and recognise that the damned religions are only mean and filthy machinations of mad or power-greedy humans and that everything is only a quite damned idiocy for the purpose of the exploitation of us dumb commoners. And now you even want to drag me back to the time of the crucifixion in order to actually prove to me the goddamned idiocy of these power-mad swine. Then I am still supposed to keep quiet there, eh?”

Billy Meier

“Jitschi, I advise you to talk to Asket somewhat more politely, otherwise I will punch you in the nose…you allowed yourself to be misled by the false religious teachings…each one was transformed into a cult by irresponsible humans and is ruled by delusional dogmas which lead humans into error. But in itself each religion possesses many good and correct things which point many people to the correct path and are able to help them in many sorts of matters. Religion, in and of itself, is therefore not bad, rather only that which is made of it in association with the unreal dogmas and many erroneous teachings of irresponsible, delusional believers and profit-sharks, and so forth.”

In Asket's Explanations - Part 6 Eduard aka Billy meets Jmmanuel aka Jesus.

Billy Meier

“…people made you into a superman with a divine function.”


“10. You are very wise and quick thinking…14. You are very connected to reality.”

We find out that, in a manner of speaking, via a clairvoyant exercise of the power of consciousness one can “wander through the ages and can explore them.”

Jmmanuel also says of the scribes that “30. From the spiritual teaching, they have made a false teaching, and they have abased Creation to a human entity which they call God.” Which could refer to a denial of a personal God and/or a denial of Jesus’ divinity. In 34 he references “a human, such as I.”

Apparently, Billy Meier is getting bored with Jmmanuel’s ramblings and interrupts him to sate, “…it appears to me that I can recognise, from that, that you, in a certain sense, have succumbed to weltschmerz, and thereby digress from the actual questions.” Interestingly, the word weltschmerz is not translated from the German original. It refers to world-weariness or world-pain and denotes a “mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state.”

Jmmanuel then states,

“72. Truly, your evolution is about 2000 years further advanced from my time, which I did not take into account. 73. It is therefore not fitting that I converse with you in the same way that I do with my contemporaries. 74. Truly, I had not considered this. 77. Truly, I had not considered all that.”

Jmmanuel then states that he “spent long years in the distant land of Kush (note from Billy: today part of North India), where I was permitted to experience further learning.” This plays off of the, thoroughly debunked (see here) claim that Jesus learned occult practices (by any other name) in India from Buddhist monks, or Hindu priests, some claim that He learned such things whilst in Egypt as a child and on it goes.

Jmmanuel goes on to state:

“91. Among my followers, I have a literate man named Judas Iscariot, who writes down the most important parts of the teaching and events, which later, well preserved, shall outlast the time in order to hand down the actual truth to posterity.”

This may sound like the Gospel of Judas (about which we wrote here) but it is not. Rather, it is in reference to the Talmud of Jmmanuel (about which we wrote here):

“92. With the help of an ex-priest, these texts will be found by you, in your time, in Jerusalem and you will spread them again, true to their meaning, and make them accessible to the humans.”

Billy Meier asks if that means “that your teaching really remains preserved and then it will also be found by me somewhere?” and gets a reply in the affirmative. Thus, according to what Billy Meier writes, it is Billy Meier who is the only one who has presented to the world the real, actual and truly accurate teachings of Jmmanuel / Jesus.

As it turns out:

“97. Juda Ihariot, a son of a Pharisee, secretly took it out of Judas Iscariot's bag in order to sell it to my persecutors for 70 pieces of silver, in order, thereby, to be able to charge me with blasphemy against God. 98. But Judas Iscariot has been ordered by me to write the text once again and now to keep it quite safe whereby its purpose will outlast the ages.”

Next, Billy Meier plays into the satanic deception of turning Judas into the good guy by asking:

“You speak of Judas Iscariot, who is supposed to be your betrayer, as the texts of my time still convey, nonetheless falsified!”

Jmmanuel tells him:

“99. Truly, I speak of him. 100. But he will in no way be the guilty one. 101. He who will hand me over to the persecutors is the same one who stole the texts and sold them.”

Thus, Jmmanuels’ true betrayer is not Judas Iscariot but Juda Ihariot. Well, as unimaginative as this is, it leads to a further conspiracy as:

“103. But his father will spread the lie that Judas Iscariot is the betrayer, because the Pharisee name Ihariot must not be soiled.”

And, of course, the one who hanged himself was not Judas but Juda. Moreover, Jmmanuel notes:

“119. So then, in your time, they call me ‘the Anointed One’ and they thereby wander far from every truth, through deep darkness engendered by belief.”

Well, this leads to a one of the big deals for Meier’s which is:

“But how is it now with yourself - I mean with your name? It is indeed Jmmanuel, but in spite of that, in my time you are called ‘Jesus Christ’. That is the way it is in the New Testament anyway.”

He does not seem to know that in the time of Jesus titles were names and names were titles. That is to say that a “name” was not just a label but something that said something about a person and their character.

The New Testament states:

“Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife: and knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name Jesus” (Matthew 1:23-25)

It is not as if no one noticed this until Billy Meier came along, it is just that people have understood it via historical, cultural and grammatical context. Jesus comes from Yehoshua which is what we today pronounce Joshuah and whom many call Yeshua (or Y'shua) which is Josh. The Greek is Iesous and it means YHVH is salvation.

Well, to this issue Jmmanuel states that it is “127. Truly, that is an evil vituperation, which is foreign to every truth.” Vituperation refers to an outburst of violently abusive or harshly critical language.

He also takes the opportunity to debunk another Christian claim that is based on the well evidences and well preserved Bible:

“130. He will also bear the blame for me being designated as Creation and for the lie that I am omnipotent.”

This leads to a favorite of anti-Christians; Paul bashing, as Jmmanuel states, “131. All this will happen this way through Paul, who currently is still one of my worst enemies and is still named Saul.” And receives an affirmative reply when he asks whether “through the construction of Christianity, he will found his own erroneous religion; a Paulism.”

In the end, Billy Meier asks, “You mean, that only a misled human calls you ‘Jesus Christ’?” to which the reply is, “139. Truly, that is what I said, because every human who knows the truth will call me by my correct name, because, for him, the truth signifies life and knowledge.”

We will continue in the next segment.



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