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Billy Meier, Asket, Jmmanuel and time travel, part 1 of 3

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The extra-terrestrial alien named Asket “was the second offworlder to contact Billy [Meier].” That which follows are the notes regarding a time when Asket took Meier back in time circa 2,000 years to the time of Jmmanuel whom they claim is the original and actual person who later came to be called Jesus.

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Within the notes titled Asket's Acquaintanceship, Billy Meier writes:

“I stood before Christ’s, respectively Jmmanuel’s, crucifixion utensils...I stood before everything which was connected with the death of Jmmanuel alias Jesus Christ…I wondered about Sfath’s [another alien] words, that everything is only meant to be a deception, that Jesus Christ should never have been called Jesus Christ, rather Jmmanuel, that he was not God’s son, and that God is not Creation…[Sfath] had once said to me that the Christian religion is just as much an irresponsible, evil, poor piece of work, for the stupefaction and enslavement of humans, as are all the other terrestrial religions.”

You know that you are on the right track, as a Christian, when you learn that aliens despise your faith. On the point of “God” not being “Creation.” Note that here Creation is not the material realm which was created by God. Rather, as is typical of alien theology; there is no personal God but only an impersonal and, this is the key, emoral energy (qi, ki, chi, prana, Vril, the Force, etc.).

Incidentally, In Wendelle C. Stevens’ UFO Contact From The Pleiades another Billy Meier related alien named Semjase (also the name of a fallen angel in the Book of Enoch, see here) references the “Cosmic Law of Love.”

Yet, Creation is not personal and thus, cannot express or promulgate love. Moreover, this is much like Aleister Crowley’s motto which states, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law. Love under will.” Of course, in true satanic form, “love” does not mean that which most think it means, see the following for the gruesome details:

On Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law motto “Do what thou wilt”—part 1 of 3

On Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law motto “Do what thou wilt”—part 2 of 3

On Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law motto “Do what thou wilt”—part 3 of 3

Moving on to Asket's Explanations - Part 1 we learn that “84 The terrestrial religions, brought there through the expeditions, and the destruction-releasing Christianity, were strictly forbidden to any life forms.” This is part of the infamous manner in which Billy Meier and his alien cohorts blamed Christianity for blowing up a spaceship…see below.

We are going to focus on what the notes have to say about the Bible, Jesus and Christianity in general.

“183-184 You thought that Sfath told you an untruth and that Jmmanuel, alias Jesus Christ, could indeed be the son of God because the utensils brought you into confusion. But Sfath spoke the truth, because even as with all other religions, the Christian religion is also only an evil and wrong enslaving, poor piece of work of Earth people, who, in their establishment of religions, found the wealth promised to them, and power over fellow men, and found that they would be addressed by a degenerated group of extraterrestrial intelligences if they would spread the erroneous religious teaching…

210 the alleged universal validity of Christianity…

259 You will learn the truth about Jmmanuel, who you wrongly call Jesus Christ.”

In Asket's Explanations - Part 3 “Asket, Billy and [Illyitch Ustinov aka] Jitschi travel back in time to 13th century France and encounter a man of that period, named Jechieli.” Note that the notes refer to “Eduard” which is in references to Eduard Albert Meier who is more popularly known by his Billy the Kid inspired name. Thus, below we will replace Eduard with Billy for the sake of cohesion.

Meier refers to Jitschi as “an innocently trusting son of Christ, and a Bible-twerp.”


“…I am a good Christian and very devout, even if I am a roughneck and walk around here armed. Here - I even always carry a small Bible with me.”


“10. Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. 11. I am neither an angel nor do I come on a mission from God. 12. These stories about us are deliberate mis-directions by evil elements who want to conjure up malevolent things in a religious form. 13. If you are a religious believer then you have succumbed to evil, false teachings.”


“You blaspheme God. That is indeed monstrous.”


“14. That is really not the case, because you are the one who has been misled by religion…”

Billy Meier states the following to Jitschi:

“But you said you are a good Christian. Then do Christians have a fear of death?


“You ask funny questions. Every human does indeed fear death. Besides, I find that I am not yet mature enough to actually go to heaven. Indeed, Jesus said ... [ellipses in original]”


“20. That is precisely what he did not even say. It is all a deliberately falsified tradition. 21. Besides, the man never bore the name Jesus. 22. He was plainly and simply called Jmmanuel.”

Billy Meier

“I find your behaviour also not exactly correct and courageous, and besides, I believe I know that you are basically wrongly orientated in regard to heaven.”


“Do you think so? - You two have somewhat peculiar views. I trust in God and Jesus Christ.”

Billy Meier

“If you trust in them, then indeed you do not need to be afraid of the spaceship. - Is it rather not the case that your beloved Christian religion leaves you in doubt?”


“I am devout and not in doubt.”

Billy Meier

“That appears to me to be exactly the case – if I reflect on everything. Here you have to make your own decision, because dear God and Jesus Christ, who you can simply load off on and burden with your responsibility, are not here. It is unfortunately the case with the believers that they always shift their own responsibility onto a saint or onto dear God because they are not able to bear their own responsibility. Therefore they also cannot make any of their own decisions and conclusions which are really important for them. Do you want to assert something else and do you belong to this sort of believer?...”

In Asket's Explanations - Part 4:

“Billy describes the experience of travelling through time and how his companion Jitschi became irrational and developed fanatical tendencies against the Christian religion through his experience of time travel discoveries of our true past, even though he was previously a devout Christian before the journey.”

Meier notes:

“I caught him cursing while furiously scratching out entire chapters of his Bible with a red pen. Having found reality completely different from the way it was described in the Bible must have made a great deal of work for him. From time to time I heard him talking to himself and issuing threats against those who, "still preach such nonsense today". I slowly developed serious concerns that he could become an anti-religious fanatic and that, after the final return into our normal time, he would go quite mad.

But the remainder gave him the truth about the life and work of Jmmanuel when Asket led us back to the year 32 in order to, there and then, examine those events which are described so wrongly and counter to reality in the New Testament of the Christian Bible…the events concerning Jmmanuel, which, during two thousand years, were so malevolently falsified that a mass psychosis arose from it, as did a further religion, Islam, as well as many sects which were able to be constructed from it.”

This convenient tale is about how traveling through time acquainted a once devote Christian with the truth which the aliens were showing him; that Jesus, actually Jmmanuel, was that whom the Bible claims and was crucified but did not die, etc. Via this tale, Meier take occasion to show how, specifically, his claims can overcome Christianity and thus, how Christians can be converted to alien theology.

We will continue in the next segment.



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