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Billy Joel: Surprise guests appeared in concert at Fenway Park

Billy Joel performing live in Las Vegas, Nevada
Billy Joel performing live in Las Vegas, Nevada
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Billy Joel surprise guests Zac Brown and Emma Stanganelli performed in Boston, Mass. on Thursday night.

Brown had a taste of the Green Arena on Thursday during a Billy Joel show. Joel surprisingly invited Zac Brown to accompany him on stage and both trade “You Might Be Right” verses.“I’m playing one night at Fenway Park, but this guy is playing too,” said Joel while introducing Brown onto the stage. In fact the country star and his infamous band are also known for covering Billy Joel's "Piano Man" while in concert. Zac Brown played the Fenway Park on June 27 and is performing tonight as well, indeed is worth noting that his band Boston's concerts, were both sold out in record time.

Another important presence was Emma Stanganelli. The 13 year old girl appeared a year ago singing “Boston State of Mind” in a YouTube video created to help the nonprofit organization 'One Fund Boston.' The organization aims to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings that occurred in 2013. Jointly, both singers performed the alternative version of “New York State of Mind” in front of an overjoyed crowd.

The Piano Man will be playing the Madison Square Garden in New York in July 2, followed by the Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois in July 18. Visit Ticketmaster for further tour dates and tickets.

Moreover, the Zac Brown Band is withal, on tour. They are going to perform at The Bethel Wood Center for the Arts in Bethel, N.Y. on Aug. 29. For those who want to attend to one of Zac Brown shows, said city is the nearest to Binghamton. Furthermore, as of today tickets are on sale for the 'Music Midtown' festival taking place on Sept. 19-20, 2014 at the Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Ga. Besides Zac Brown, the line up include Lana del Rey, John Mayer, Jack White, Iggy Azalea and many other renowned artists. Find out more information about Zac Brown Band on their official website.