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Billy Graham: Spiritual Adviser to many US Presidents

Known as "America's Pastor", Billy Graham has served as Spiritual Adviser to many US Presidents.

John F Kennedy and Billy Graham Prayer Breakfast 1961
John F Kennedy and Billy Graham Prayer Breakfast 1961

Born in 1918, this had been the famous evangelists' call of duty since he prayed in the oval office with President Harry S. Truman. However a front page picture of Graham kneeling on the White House lawn infuriated Truman, and it would be many years before they crossed paths again.

Graham served as adviser to Lyndon Johnson and was considered one of President Johnson's closest friends.

He was also Spiritual leader to Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon.

Watch Video Party in N.C. Marks the Rev. Billy Graham's 95th Birthday

President Barack Obama, who visited Rev. Graham on his 95th birthday, was the first sitting president to actually visit at his mountaintop home in Montreat, NC. However, Graham did not serve as adviser to the current Commander and Chief due to differences with the issue of abortion.

The famous Christian Evangelist was also a supporter of the Civil Rights movement in 60's. He bailed out Martin Luther King Jr. when he was arrested in demonstrations and was known for integrating seats for his revivals and crusades.

Reverend Billy Graham has been on the Gallup List of most admired people 55 times since 1955.

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