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Billy D and the First Time Offenders at MacDaddys

Billy D and the First Time Offenders
Billy D and the First Time Offenders

Billy D and the First Time Offenders were jamming and rocking the house Friday night at MacDaddy's Bar and Grill in North Little Rock.  The band genre covers a wide range of music from the rockabilly style to the Stray Cats.  In addition to the wide array of music that the band plays, their sound is further enhanced by the use of a stand up bass.  This really adds to the sound.  As the music plays, it is as if time stands still.  You are completely taken in by the easy going manner in which the band comes across and  they do their very best to keep the audience involved in pretty much the entire show.

Billy D. and the First Time Offenders
David Standridge

The band provides nonstop entertainment from the time that they take the stage until the very last note is played.  From the animated gyrations of vocalist Derek Huddleston to bringing guests up to the stage from the audience to participate in the show, the band has something for everyone and everything they do is geared toward providing entertainment for the crowd.  The band definitely has a knack for getting the audience involved and enthused.  

Billy D and the First Time Offenders are: guitar/vocals - Derek Huddleston, guitar - Kelly Kent, stand up bass - Johnny Atomic, and on drums - Jason Davis.

You can find out more about the band and where they are going to be next by visiting their page.