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Billionaires Donald Trump, Jeffrey Gundlach may be interested in Buffalo Bills

Billionaires Donald Trump, Jeffrey Gundlach may be interested in Buffalo Bills

Mary Wilson took control of the Buffalo Bills when Ralph Wilson died at the age of 95 last month. There has been much speculation over whether Mary Wilson will sell the team and if so, to whom will she sell. On the list of possible new owners are billionaires Donald Trump and Jeffrey Gundlach.

According to an April 6 front page article in the Buffalo News regarding the ownership and sale of the Buffalo Bills, Also on the list of potential owners of the Buffalo Bills franchise are Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs and Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula. Buffalo Bisons owner Robert “Bob” Rich, Jr. and former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano.

If Donald Trump, a New York City based billionaire, were to purchase the Bills, a move to New York City would be impractical. New York City already has two NFL teams who share the same stadium. It is improbable that a second stadium would be built to accommodate the Bills. It is unlikely that the Buffalo Bills could be accommodated at either of New York City’s baseball stadiums. If Trump were to ask New York State for funds in order to build a new stadium for the Bills, it is improbable that either Gov. Andrew Cuomo, any state senator or congressmen would approve the funds such an endeavor.

Jeffrey Gundlach is the wild card on the list of potential new owners for the Buffalo Bills. Based out of Santa Monica, Calif., Gundlach could decide to move the team to Los Angeles, which has wanted another NFL team since the Raiders moved to Oakland. Speculation is that there is a group of millionaires and billionaires ready to invest in a new stadium for Los Angeles. The NFL is not expanding and in order for Los Angeles to have another NFL team an established team would have to be moved to the area. The Buffalo Bills could be that team.

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