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Billie Tucker featured speaker at St Augustine Tea Party Meeting

Electricity in the Air as Tea Party looks to 2014 elections
Electricity in the Air as Tea Party looks to 2014 elections
TCC Staff

February 26,2014

Tea Party Meeting on 2-25-14
TCC Staff

Electricity in the air at Tea Party meeting

There was an electrical charge in the air at last night’s Saint Augustine Tea Party (SATP) meeting. The newly remodeled rear dining room at the Village Inn in St. Augustine, Florida was filled to near capacity. Billie Tucker was the featured speaker. Billie, as she is affectionately known, is a renowned Tea Party leader and was a co-founder of the First Coast Tea Party. She was very influential in the early development of the Tea Party movement in Duval County and Northeast Florida.

The spark that ignited the Tea Party movement

It was fitting that Billie addressed the group, as this past week marks the five year anniversary of the spark
that ignited the birth of the Tea Party movement. On February 19, 2009, in a live broadcast on CNBC, a
commodities broker, Rick Santelli, broke into a rant directed at the White House. His fellow workers on the
floor of the commodities exchange in Chicago roared approval as he called for a new Tea Party. That spark
erupted into a groundswell of protests in the coming months. Billie Tucker answered that call and was
instrumental in organizing the first Tax Day Rally at “The Landing” in Jacksonville, Florida on April 15, 2009.
Thousands of people attended. It was from this event that the First Coast Tea Party grew into one of the
largest Tea Parties in Florida.

A key point in Billie’s presentation was the complete corruption that exists at all levels of government. For the politicians it is all about money and power. When the Tea Party first started “TEA” stood for “Taxed Enough Already”. “When government controls your property, they control your life”, she said. Five years later, the Tea Party is focused more on Constitutional issues and fighting tyranny at all levels. The “TEA” concept is not abandoned, but expanded to encompass the ever encroaching, illegal reach of the Federal Government.

The Liberals never saw the Tea Party coming

In 2008, the progressives believed they could roll out their Communist agenda with little or no resistance. Those who remembered what America was about would be too old to resist. And the youth had no American values to hang onto, were brain-washed in the government schools. “Santelli’s rant set off the “Big Bang” birth of Tea Party and the ‘cosmic’ expansion of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a ‘Movement’, a revival of the ‘civil’ order that challenges both political parties and it is expanding. Progressives of both parties failed to see the Tea Party phenomenon coming. The reality that big government is tyranny and that Liberty dies in its environment, is growing.” The SATP reports that its Town Crier Committee has experienced continuing and expanding support from the people over the past three years. And now, a new twist for the Marxists, with the failure of Obamacare the youth are joining Tea Party positions in ever increasing numbers. [See]

New supernova flashpoint coming

As the Tea Party started with a flashpoint from Chicago, Tea party members believe a second flashpoint will occur during the next two election cycles. Likely, the 2014 elections will be the fuse. The consensus is that if the Republicans nominate yet another progressive candidate, such as Jeb Bush, for president in 2016; and continue to repress Tea Party, they are in for big problems. The GOP may well find that those that they suppressed will leave the Republican Party and run as independents. According to recent Gallup polls only 25% of the American electorate identified themselves as Republicans. The same poll showed that 42% viewed themselves as independents. If the GOP leadership continues its strategy of attacking its own base, the GOP may find itself will relegated to a third-party status. A new flashpoint could reveal that a new majority party ‘already exists’ in the hearts and minds of the people. This idea was suggested by Sarah Palin. Last night’s meeting was reminiscent of meetings held prior to the 2010 election. At that time the Tea Parties were closely aligned with the GOP. The Tea Party was energized then, because it had a purpose. As the 2014 races begin, with the establishment Republican leadership declaring war on the Tea Party, Tea Parties have an even a greater role to play. The SATP’s Town Criers have been reporting that neither party has the public’s trust. It is the Tea Party alone that gives hope to the people. [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at]

“When both political parties are against you and the establishment media ridicules you, who can be for you? The answer is simple, it’s the people,” a Tea Party member said.

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