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Billboard owner hopes to keep Johnny Manziel in Texas

Could Johnny Manziel be #1 in Houston?
Could Johnny Manziel be #1 in Houston?

With all the speculation of what direction the Houston Texans will go in this year's upcoming draft, one Texas A&M supporter is hoping his message to owner Bob McNair is read loud and clear.

Attorney Tony Buzbee hopes his billboard, sways the decision of Texans ownership to draft quarterback Johnny Manziel number one.

Buzbee told ESPN, "to win in the NFL, a team must have a quarterback with strong leadership skills, a winning attitude and lots of talent. Johnny Manziel is a winner and he is a unique talent. College football has never seen anything like him."

Many are in agreement with that decision to draft Manziel, including college football expert Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN.

Buzbee even spent time and money in creating a website dedicated to keeping Manziel in the state of Texas,

We'll find out on draft day or close to it, the direction the Texans will go in. The smartest thing this team could do, is draft Manziel for so many reason on and off the field.