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Billboard Music Awards 2014: Michael Jackson hologram might not perform

Michael Jackson's gloves
Michael Jackson's gloves
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

This weekend viewers are excited to see the Billboard Music Awards 2014. It looks like this could end up not happening though because of a lawsuit. On Friday, TMZ shared the news about how this all might end up going down. It is not looking good but of course they want the show to go on.

Alki David actually owns the rights to the hologram technology. He filed the lawsuit which is against Michael Jackson Estate, MJ's production company and Dick Clark Productions. He does not want them to go on with the hologram performance because he thinks that it could mess with his future plans to do one.

Inside Edition shared back in March that Alki David was the one who claimed that Brandon Howard was really the son of Michael Jackson. They did try to say that the DNA matched up but a lot of people never really believed it. The entire thing was strange including his mother saying she did not have Brandon with Michael Jackson. It is obvious that Alki David has a problem with them and will possibly continue to cause problems for the estate in the future.

Sunday night the Billboard Music Awards will be airing. The big event that everyone is waiting to see is the Michael Jackson hologram performance. So far it looks like it will still happen. The lawyer for Michael Jackson's estate has no reason at this time to think that the show won't go on. They are still getting ready for it and planning the big event.

Don't miss the Billboard Music Awards when they air on May 18 at 7 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area. It will be on ABC and is scheduled to last three hours. Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, and more will be performing on the live event along with the Michael Jackson hologram performance.