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Billboard Music Awards 2014: Michael Jackson hologram better than Tupac Shakur?

The battle of the holograms have two of the biggest artists of all time captured using technology and shared with fans of all ages. On Sunday night Michael Jackson hit the stage of the Billboard Music Awards 2014 in what some call a major miracle. The Michael Jackson hologram was a moment when fans of the legendary performer could hardly contain themselves. According to the ABC News on Sunday, the performance rocked the house of the award show.

Michael Jackson hologram performs at Billboard Music Awards
Photo by Cindy Ord

When the Tupac Shakur hologram showed up on stage at the 2012 Coachella, his image blew away the attendees who watched the show. One of the few times when fans were left speechless, the moment was captured by the media and talked about for weeks.

So how did Michael Jackson’s hologram performance compare to Tupac Shakur's hologram? While the moment was special, it was entirely different in premise. Tupac’s image was a solo moment with the artist working the microphone alone. With Michael Jackson’s performance, the entire stage was transformed. Not only was the legendary singer on stage, but so were a handful of dancers along with the background. Completely computer generated, the hologram performance was far more advanced than what Tupac offered.

However, fans of both entertainers might have been the best hologram for different reasons. Tupac Shakur’s solo hologram performance really did capture the essence of the star. Michael Jackson offered a more elaborate performance on the Billboard Music Awards that seemed to satisfy the fans who watched.

The Michael Jackson hologram will be talked about for a long time as the fans dissect every part of the performance. Looking to see how the star might have performed years after his death, the show gave life to Jackson's music and gave fans another reason to appreciate his talent.

Take a look at the video clip of the Michael Jackson hologram on stage at the Billboard Music Awards.

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