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Billboard Hot 100 blows up 31 years ago

Michael Jackson on stage with numerous entertainers in United We Stand
Michael Jackson on stage with numerous entertainers in United We Stand
Photo by Frank Micelotta

April 30th 1983 is a day that the Billboard Hot 100 blew up and stayed that way for three consecutive weeks. A song by Michael Jackson topped the charts and stayed there for a while. Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” became Michael Jackson’s fifth solo US number 1. This was the third single from Michael’s “Thriller” album and featured a guitar solo by non-other than Eddie Van Halen. Although the “Thriller” album was released in 1982, Michael had many hits from the album that battled for top spots. It was a work of masterful creativity. Create many award winning songs. Bring in the ever talented Vincent Price and have a major part in the song “Thriller”. Get one of guitars greatest man who can perform miracles on the frets – Eddie Van Halen. Michael Jackson was a singer, songwriter, and very influential business man.

Michael Jackson had a long standing career starting out with his brothers in the early 1960s. Joseph Jackson – Michael’s father believed his sons had talent and started the Jackson Family. Michael joined at the age of 5 and became the group’s lead vocalist. Later his older brother Marlon became the last member and so came the name the Jackson 5.

Michael left the group at the age of 13 and became a solo act. Michael Jackson made the charts in 1971 with “Got to Be There” and in 1972 with the song “Ben”. Michael did perform with his brothers on and off and even helped his sister Janet launch her career.

With one of the biggest followings in music, Michael Jackson is still paid tribute to by many and his music is carried on through many wonderful people. Tej’ai Sullivan pays tribute to Michael and had a great show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre and then came Fabio Mordà and Producer Robert Hyman and the talents of many who put on an amazing show that had the audience wanting more.

So pay tribute to a great artist, amazing singer, musician, dancer, businessman and all around entertainer and take a listen to “Beat It”.