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Bill Watterson: 'Calvin and Hobbes' creator finally brings forth new artwork

Bill Watterson has finally brought forth new artwork.
New York Times

Fans of the fantastic and phenomenal comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes" can rejoice as creator Bill Watterson has finally brought forth some new artwork. The Wire reported on Feb. 26, 2014, that Watterson has designed, developed, and drawn the poster for a new documentary called "Stripped."

"Stripped" is a brand new documentary that shows "the world's best cartoonists." It also has the first ever audio interview with the "Calvin and Hobbes" creator.

After watching the film, it appears as if Watterson liked "Stripped" so much that he volunteered to draw the poster art for it.

Since stopping "Calvin and Hobbes" back in 1995, Watterson has been rather absent from much of the world. Yes, he's done some watercolors and other art pieces here and there, but as far as anyone knows, no other cartoons.

It is being said that the poster for "Stripped" could arguably be the first published cartoon by Watterson since he ended "Calvin and Hobbes."

Fans will have to take anything they can get from Bill Watterson because he has said on a few occasions that there will pretty much never be any new "Calvin and Hobbes" strips or animated adaptations.

At least now there is the poster for "Stripped" which calls itself the "love-letter to comic strips" and includes audio from the great Watterson.

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