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Bill Unger arrested: Disney star picked up for DUI

Billy Unger
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In shocking news today, Disney star Billy Unger was arrested on charges of DUI. He is just 18-years-old. On Monday, People shared the news about what happened. He is a star of the show "Lab Rats" and should be setting an example for the kids who love to watch his show. This is not what happened though. Instead he got arrested and taken to jail.

Unger was driving in Malibu, California when he got stopped for speeding. They then realized that he had been drinking. He was arrested and blew a 0.08. The thing is this is okay and still under the legal amount for Florida, but not when you are only 18-years-old. You need to be 21-years-old to drink and Unger is underage.

He was arrested, taken to the station and was later released. It is unknown what is going to end up happening to him and what will happen to him for this arrest. Disney has not had anything to say yet either about the arrest of one of their stars. Unger finally made a statement late in the day.

“In light of last Saturday’s occurrence, I wish to let all my fans know how much I value and appreciate their continued support of me at this time. As I move forward responsibly in this matter, I simply ask the public, and more importantly my fans, to reserve judgment and allow the opportunity for me to address this issue properly through the legal system.”

TMZ shared that in California if you are found with any alcohol in your system and you are underage you will be picked up for DUI which is driving under the influence. Billy Unger had obviously been drinking and this is why he was taken into jail. It doesn't matter how much he actually drank just that he had done it.

Billy Unger is far from the first star of a Disney show to be arrested for alcohol problems. Children watch their shows every single day and look up to them. They need to realize they are supposed to be great role model and that they can't act this way. Hopefully this arrest was enough to teach Unger a lesson and he won't do it again.

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