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Bill to ban gender-based abortions defeated

Pro-abortion legislators voted last week to continue killing baby girls in California through sex-selection abortions. AB 2336 would have prohibited a person from performing, or attempting to perform an abortion, if they know the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion on [the sole] account of the gender of the unborn child. As expected, Sacramento Assemblyman Richard Pan, Chairman of the state Assembly’s Committee on Health and heavily endorsed by Planned Parenthood, led the charge. Despite efforts of several pro-life organizations and the vocal opposition of high-profile political leaders such as Hillary Clinton and former President Jimmy Carter, sex selection abortions may now be performed without restrictions in our state.

Sadly, numerous studies are emerging across the globe indicating the rampant existence of fetal gender bias and the tragic, societal ramifications. For decades and for no other crime but being a female, the unborn have been targeted for extermination. Those who insist such claims are false are no longer able to deny the tragic reality that there is indeed a global war being waged against unborn female infants. Closer to home, recent U.S Census data show the same war is alive and spreading in this country.

Unfortunately whatever state-by-state “technical” legislative bans may still exist, California lawmakers have opened wide the door to any woman intent on murdering her unborn daughter. And apparently, U.S. citizenship is not even a barrier. Because this state has become a mecca of free, government-sponsored abortions, women from such countries as India, can simply board a plane bound for California, find the local Planned Parenthood clinic, and receive their gender selective abortion free of charge: free that is to everyone except the taxpayers of this state.

Jimmy Carter called the practice of sex-selection abortions, “the worst human rights abuse on earth.” Why are Californian voters allowing such a climate to remain? Is there no way to end such atrocities? The answer is, "Yes there is a way we can save lives and yes we can make a difference: at the polls on June 3rd. Change can come if and when voters of conscious stop voting party and start voting people. Citizens who agrees with Jimmy Carter can exercise their freedom to vote out of office the Pan’s in our state, and vote into office individuals who will enact laws protecting the sanctify of all human life without regard to party, power or greed. Change is possible but only if we the voters change the way we exercise our constitutionally granted freedoms.

So as the primaries of June 3rd draw near, don't throw up your arms and say, “It’s too late! The system is too corrupt. My vote doesn’t matter!” Recognize nothing could be farther from the truth. But before you enter that voting booth, do your own due diligence. Examine the voting records of candidates. Research the propositions on the ballet. Ask hard questions. Seek godly wisdom and pray like never before for God’s direction. He will hold us all accountable for our choices.

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