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Bill proposes that Michelle Obama eat what she preaches

Traditionally, after a new president is elected, the First Lady will take up some important cause and most select something that has wide public support. Michelle Obama decided to tackle the issue of childhood obesity, and like the typical nanny-state big government liberal, use it as basis to tell others how to live their lives, in this case telling others what to eat and what not to eat. Now a Republican state legislator in Illinois has introduced a bill that exposes Michelle Obama for her hypocrisy.

Bill proposes that Michelle Obama eat the diet she wants imposed on school children

State Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) has introduced H.R. 3686, the School Nutrition Fairness Act. The article on the bill says it, “would help to end the hypocritical rule of the Obama’s and force them to abide by the same “Let’s Move” guidelines Michelle Obama has pushed in schools across America.”

Davis cited the 2500 calorie dinner the Obama's ate during the visit of the French President at the White House the other day and decided “enough is enough” when he heard about the First Family living high off the hog in the White House while Michelle Obama expects kids in the government schools to eat like birds.

“Last Tuesday’s dinner consisted of a 2500 calorie feast that included dry-aged prime rib served with a side of bleu cheese, 12 different kinds of potatoes, and quail eggs to top it all off. That was after farm raised caviar served with a fresh “winter garden salad.” Dessert was a chocolate malted cake with Hawaiian chocolate and tangerines from Florida, Pennsylvanian vanilla ice cream, lavender shortbread cookies, cotton candy dusted with orange zest, and fudge made with pure Vermont maple syrup,” reported Sean Brown writing for

The diet Michelle Obama advocates to school children would restrict them to only 1200 calories per day, while Michelle Obama herself can put away 1200 calories in minutes.

Brown's article on MrConservative further reported, “Davis says the intent of his bill, H.R. 3686, the School Nutrition Fairness Act, is “to make sure this administration is aware of the real-life impact their regulations are having on our kids who are going hungry and our smaller school districts who are struggling to keep up with the increased costs.” Davis claims the president and first lady’s actions are “the height of hypocrisy.”

What a great idea. Michelle Obama should at least be required to live a week on 1200 calories per day. She might lose a little weight herself. She should also buy the food, herself personally in the supermarket, and use the same EBT food stamps card her and Barack want everyone else to be using.

The arrogant “let them cake” Obamas should be eating that same cake themselves.

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