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Bill O’Reilly: The Kingpin of Clueless Pinheads

Runaway Slave
Runaway Slave
Runaway Slave

I have often personally said that “I’d rather live free in a cardboard box than in bondage with a real roof over my head.” So like Clive Bundy, I guess that makes me a racist too!

It was agonizing to watch O’Reilly’s opening talking points on Friday night in regard to Clive Bundy’s “racist” remarks, calling Bundy “clueless” and “offensive.” Clive Bundy may be guilty of political incorrectness but he is not ignorant and he is certainly not a racist. Just as the rest of Fox News last week, O’Reilly has taken Bundy’s comments way out of context. Even Alan Keyes came out in defense of the Nevada rancher, saying that “Bundy’s remarks were not racist.”

Black conservative leaders have been preaching exactly what most of us originally thought Bundy was trying to articulate in his now controversial video. But as we all know, the mainstream media feels duty-bound to translate for the masses what we think we’ve heard into what was actually said and meant. It wouldn’t be the first time that the liberal media has distorted the facts to the point of social division. Nevertheless, the first thing that came to mind as I watched Bundy’s speech was the documentary called “Runaway Slave.”

The central thesis of the “Runaway Slave” movie is pretty much summed up when host C.L. Bryant, a black pastor, asks: “Have the sons and daughters of former slaves traded one form of slavery for yet another?” Among those interviewed by Reverend Bryant in the movie is Herman Cain, a black Tea Party activist, successful businessman, and 2012 presidential candidate, who asserts, “The size, and scope, and reach of government is the new plantation.” Isn’t that what Bundy was saying?

Star Parker, another black conservative, goes on to warn us in the film that “entitlements have not only enslaved black Americans but white Americans as well.” In fact, a multitude of black cultural and political figures were interviewed for “Runaway Slave,” most of whom made the case that socialism is even more oppressive than the chains of slavery. Again, the very point Clive Bundy was obviously making, for which Bill O’Reilly called him “clueless.”

Bill O’Reilly is a blowhard ignoramus who just doesn’t get it. He ought to do his research before making a fool of himself on national television. Bill could have started by watching the “Runaway Slave” movie, or at least the trailer. Perhaps he could have asked some black conservative leaders and activists, such as those in the film, what they thought of Bundy’s remarks.

We need to teach the truth about Clive Bundy. Educate your liberal friends about the threat of progressivism and socialism to all Americans by showing them “Runaway Slave.” For those of you in Northeastern Pennsylvania, God in Government (a subsidiary of Liberty Lighthouse Ministries) plans a free public screening of the film in June. You can watch the movie trailer and order the DVD at

Ray Harker is the author of God in Government and Solid Food for the Soul. He is the Founder & Director of God in Government, a subsidiary of Liberty Lighthouse Ministries, a teaching ministry and outreach dedicated to a Biblical worldview.