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Bill O'Reilly is Right. Beyonce has choices.

Is she only responsible to her bank account?
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Bill O’Reilly, the FOX News host of The O’Reilly Factor is Right, politically speaking. He has remained true to his controversial reputation with his recent comments about singer Beyonce and her mode of musical expression O'Reilly believes Beyonce has a responsibility to her young fan base in her choices.

Beyonce is a popular singer and some young teen girls, who lack proper guidance, will want to emulate her style. O'Reilly points out the recent release of Beyonce’s new music videos has met with a few raised eyebrows because of her decadent style, which appears to support raunchy expressions of sexuality.

Bill O’Reilly voiced concern in an earlier interview with Russell Simmons, the successful African American business magnate. O’Reilly’s comments were virtually disregarded as little more than his usual confrontational banter. O’Reilly persisted in his criticism of Beyonce's choices when he was interviewed March 17, 2014 in his appearance on the David Letterman Show.

“Here’s my question for Beyonce if she ever came on (his show) my question and if she comes here you should ask her. Why? She has 350 million in the bank…she doesn’t have to do this.”

O’Reilly argues that Beyonce has choices now. She is an established artist. Beyonce does not have to follow the Miley Cyrus performance playbook to get attention. Beyonce is in a position to promote social change and have an impact on the emotional development of many teen girls.

O'Reilly says, “She’s very talented and we like Beyonce, but her new recordings and video is pretty raunchy and a lot of young girls who don’t have responsible parents idolize her.” Is he right?

Some would argue that Beyonce made her millions by exploiting her sexuality, like so many other entertainers before her have done, are doing now and will probably continue to do in the future.

Take a look at the interview with David Letterman, whose response to O'Reilly might prompt a chuckle.

The conversation began with the Russell Simmons interview on the O'Reilly factor. Here it is:

Despite O’Reilly clashing with the media mogul on national television over her performance, then continuing to challenge Beyonce on Letterman, Beyonce has yet to respond.

Would Beyonce like to see her baby Blue someday gyrating and twerking on the screen, scantily clad, in a similar fashion; following in her mother’s dance steps to express her sexuality in similar fashion for money?

That's the point. Beyonce chooses to use her sexuality in a way that generates remuneration. O'Reilly believes she can use her popularity to influence a generation in positive, affirmative ways that will enhance their future or she can appeal to their banal nature to enhance her bank account. Being married to Jay Z, the admitted former crack dealer who regularly ruined lives for the sake of income, her choices are no surprise.

As far as race relations go, does Beyonce contribute to a positive image for people of color and should she feel an obligation to make a positive contribution to race relations when this is just her job, her career, her business? Decide for yourself.^AVV^xdm032^S07867^us&qid=8b7b195dd2c34caca811ccfcd5cb175e&n=780b5cea&ss=sub&pn=1&st=sb&ptb=FC27525A-C5A0-4DEC-9670-763379EF23B7&tpr=&si=videochatslive-2-skp&vid=pZ12_E5R3qc

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