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Bill O'Reilly blasts YouTube for beheading video: Russell Brand slams O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly blasts YouTube, Russell Brand blasts O'Reilly over the beheading of an American Journalist.
Bill O'Reilly blasts YouTube, Russell Brand blasts O'Reilly over the beheading of an American Journalist.

Bill O’Reilly bashes YouTube for allowing the video of the beheading of the American journalist to appear on their website. On the phone with Fox News on Wednesday morning O’Reilly snaps, “What the hell is the matter with YouTube?” Echoing the thoughts of many others today. While the video has been since taken down, it just takes a short time for it to be copied and on the Internet for good.

O’Reilly talked via the phone to Fox News on Wednesday morning, Aug. 20. He offered up his thoughts on this video, focusing on the audacity of YouTube for allowing it to go up on the site. He was talking about the Islamic State insurgents beheading James Foley, a U.S. journalist in a video that originally posted to YouTube.

Update: The White House Security council has authenticated that video, it is real, according to Fox News on Wednesday afternoon.

As The Independent suggests on Aug. 20, Russell Brand is “Seemingly determined not to leave any FOX News anchor’s coverage of the crisis in the Middle East unturned.” This time he goes after O’Reilly for patting himself on the back for his wisdom on his own coverage of the militant group Islamic State.

Brand continues showing up critiquing Fox News anchor’s coverage with Bill O’Reilly being the latest Fox News anchor in his scope. Brand’s YouTube series of satirical reporting, “The Trews” cuts into O’Reilly for playing a segment of himself from about two months ago saying that the militant group Islamic State is "dangerous."

Brand sees this as O’Reilly patting himself on the back for pointing out the danger of this group before this beheading took place. Brand says:

“We’re not idiots. We don’t need to have a conversation, “is beheading bad? Yes/no. We’ve had that conversation. Beheading is bad.”

As O’Reilly bashes YouTube and Brand bashes O’Reilly, the seriousness of this beheading seems to get lost in this shuffle. As Fox Nation News reports, this beheading is just the beginning as this group has made a promise to kill more if the U.S. airstrikes continue.

On the video James Foley read a message that “was clearly coerced” and it said in part:

“I call on my friends, family and loved ones to rise up against my real killers, the US government. My message to my beloved parents: Save me some dignity and don’t accept any meager compensation for my death from the same people who effectively put the last nail in my coffin.”

Foley’s family, released a statement of how proud they are of their son, who put himself in danger to expose the inhumane ways that people around the world were forced to live. This must be a horrific time for this family.

USA Today reports that the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that the beheading of the American journalist “may have been undertaken by a British National.” He noted that the video of the beheading appeared to be authentic, but it has not been officially verified as of yet.

Hammond noted that the man dressed in black and holding the knife spoke with a British accent. It is possible that the “perpetrator of the shocking killing, if confirmed, could be British,” said Hammond.

Raffaello Panturcci, who is a member of a security think tank in London and who is also a researcher at Royal United Services Institute in London, suggests this is not only a message to Obama, but also to the American people. He suggests that this video was meant for Americans to look at and say “What is Obama doing?”

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